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About Motto Construction

Motto Construction was founded by Otto Mundrucz, whose history in the construction field began in 1990 while working for his uncle’s construction company in Budapest, Hungary. Otto became experienced in new building techniques and work methods while working as a crew member, general laborer, and bricklayer. Shortly after, he founded his own construction company in Hungary. Otto built and remodeled single- and multiple-family homes in Hungary until 2001.

Otto Mundrucz

Otto began working with a general contractor in Southern California in 2001 at which time he adopted the American-style building methods. He became an expert in Californian building codes and methods. Otto began working in the San Francisco Bay Area in 2006 and obtained his general contractor’s license in 2008, at which time he also founded Motto Construction.

At Motto Construction, we believe a close working relationship with you means work done with efficiency, cost effectiveness, and your best interest in mind. We are reputable for keeping our project sites clean and organized with minimal impact to your daily life. We provide unmatched quality on both big and small projects.